State Senator & Retired General Gerald Dial Endorses Roy Moore

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – On Wednesday, Alabama State Senator Gerald Dial (R-Lineville) endorsed Judge Roy Moore for the U.S. Senate. Dial represents Chambers, Cherokee, Clay, Cleburne, Lee, and Randolph counties in the State Senate and is a retired Brigadier General in the Alabama National Guard.

“I have known Roy Moore for many years and I am proud to endorse his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. He is a man who venerates the Constitution, loves our country, and puts principle above politics,” Dial said.

“Judge Moore is a proud West Point graduate, he served honorably as an Army officer in Vietnam, and as a judge, he always put the Constitution ahead of any petty political considerations,” Dial remarked. “The defining hallmark of his career is duty, honor, and country – the principle he learned years ago at West Point.”

“As a retired General, I well understand the threats America faces from our enemies,” Dial continued. “North Korea, ISIS, and Iran are testing our mettle. Judge Moore understands the Reagan doctrine of peace through strength and he will help President Trump rebuild our military. Alabama needs a proven leader like Roy Moore in Washington.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Judge Moore said he appreciated Dial’s endorsement and service to our country.

“I appreciate Senator Dial’s support,” Moore said. “If elected to the U.S. Senate on December 12th, one of my first priorities will be working with our Senior Senator, Richard Shelby, our House members, and President Trump to strengthen America’s armed forces, secure our borders, and ensure Alabama’s military installations are protected when the Department of Defense goes through its next base realignment and closure evaluation.”

Many of the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ships are built in Mobile, while the 18th Fighter Wing at Dannelly Air Field in Montgomery is in the running to become the new home of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Judge Moore has pledged to work closely with Alabama’s congressional team to be a strong ambassador for the thousands of jobs and hundreds of businesses in the Yellowhammer State connected to the national defense industry.


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