MONTGOMERY, Ala. – On Thursday, the Judge Roy Moore Campaign for U.S. Senate announced the endorsement of noted Alabama evangelist Scott Dawson, whose ministry has touched the lives of thousands of pastors and students across Alabama and the southeast through events like the Strength to Stand Tour and Conference.

“The person we must elect as our U.S. Senator on December 12th is Judge Roy Moore,” Dawson commented. “As a conservative, he shares my core values of being pro-life, supporting limited government and he is deeply committed to his Christian spiritual convictions.”

“I ask every true conservative across Alabama to stand with Roy Moore,” Dawson continued. “Republican control of the U.S. Senate, future Supreme Court nominees, and President Trump’s agenda are all at stake - we MUST go to the polls and elect Roy Moore. Please join me today in praying for and supporting Roy Moore for the U.S. Senate.”

Judge Moore welcomed Dawson’s support. “Scott Dawson is a person of deep character and wisdom and God has used Scott’s ministry to transform the lives of thousands of people,” Moore said. “I am grateful for Scott’s support, because people of faith are the bedrock of this nation. A church outreach ministry can give hope to a despairing soul and rescue a struggling family far more quickly than any government program.”


Paid for by Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate