Montgomery, AL- With only 5 days left to go, in a final debate without a moderator and pre-screened questions, Judge Roy Moore succeeded in delivering a clear contrast, setting forth a principled vision for leadership, and calling into question Strange’s ability to drain the swamp.

Judge Moore’s performance was universally praised by both national and state onlookers, and Strange seemed to be having difficulty in answering any of Moore’s questions about his ability to lead.

Judge Moore began the evening by laying out his purpose for seeking Alabama’s Senate seat: "Moore said the election of Donald Trump on November 2018 gave Americans a new inspiration, a new hope; but since then 'the establishment has done nothing.' We have got to do more.” (Alabama Political Reporter, Sept. 22, 2017)

And then Moore marched through the remaining 60 minutes of the debate outlining his commitment to repeal Obamacare, build the wall and secure our borders, rebuild the military, and fight back against judicial tyranny.

Moore pointed out Luther’s history as a career Washington lobbyist and politician who had put all of his energy into career advancement. Moore delivered one of the more memorable lines of the evening when he said: “You don’t drain the swamp of lobbyists by sending a lobbyist to the United States Senate.” (Alabama Political Reporter, Sept. 22, 2017)

Meanwhile Strange became more desperate as the night went on. With little to present to the audience other than shameless namedropping of his Washington endorsements, he failed to answer any of the serious questions Moore posed of him.

Did he stop an investigation of a corrupt politician to take a political appointment from him?

How can he be for immigration reform when he owns a business that sells visas to foreign nationals, making money off of the current, broken immigration system?

Why did he lobby for the Central America Free Trade Agreement, a bad trade deal that sent thousand of Alabama jobs to Mexico and Honduras?

"It is clear from tonight's debate who is best able to be the voice of Alabama," said campaign chairman Bill Armistead. “The people know the truth. They know who can't be bought, and who stands ready to stand on principle. Judge Roy Moore.”

Later that evening at a rally with Governor Sarah Palin, the Judge Moore State Steering Committee Chairman Siran Stacy said it best: “In Alabama, we are known for our hospitality. We love our neighbors. But don’t tell us how to run our house. Washington won’t decide who our senator is. We will, and that is Judge Roy Moore.”


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