Montgomery, AL- Today, Americans for Legal Immigration announced their endorsement of Judge Roy Moore in the following release:

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is endorsing US Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore in Alabama's special GOP primary runoff election on September 26, 2017, because candidate Moore has answered the PAC's single question candidate survey indicating support for America's existing immigration laws and opposition to Amnesty for illegal immigrants including DACA! (View)

Moore's runoff opponent, incumbent Senator Luther Strange, is being backed by the DC establishment and Mitch McConnell's super PAC who support DACA, Dream Act, and Comprehensive Amnesty for most illegal immigrants. Breitbart News recently pointed out that Luther Strange is hiding from questions about DACA Amnesty for illegals! (View)

"We are asking Americans from all states to do what they can to support Roy Moore because it is imperative we replace Sen. Jeff Sessions with another Constitutionalist who will stand up against all forms of Amnesty for illegal immigrants," explained William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "We are very thankful that Roy Moore has responded to ALIPAC's survey indicating his support for our current immigration laws instead of DACA or Dream Act Amnesty which could permanently cripple our borders and laws. These were the Make America Great Again campaign promises Trump ran on that gave him the appeal needed to win the GOP primary and against Hillary."

ALIPAC previously endorsed Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL), who came in third place before the runoff, because Brooks has fought against illegal immigration and Amnesty in DC for many years as a member of Congress. Rep. Brooks has also endorsed Judge Roy Moore for US Senate against DC backed Luther Strange.

Alabama voters can cast a ballot for Judge Roy Moore on this coming Tuesday, September 26, 2017, and Americans who oppose illegal immigration and Amnesty can volunteer or donate to Moore's campaign from all American states via his website at

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