On Thursday, Judge Roy Moore announced the release of his new book, Abuse of Power, disparaging the overreach of activist federal judges and their departure from the Constitution.

From the back cover of Abuse of Power: "Over the years the Supreme Court has steadily eroded the rule of law through opinions that have no basis in the Constitution. That practice culminated in a 2015 opinion redefining marriage that would have shocked and amazed our Founding Fathers. Many wrongly believe that every opinion of the Supreme Court automatically becomes the supreme law of the land. In reality, however, the Constitution itself, not the Supreme Court, is the supreme law of the land. In his special writing in an Alabama marriage case, reproduced in this book, former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore explains in detail why lower court judges should reject the Supreme Court's gay marriage decision. As he states in the book's Foreword: "When Justices of the Supreme Court willfully impose personal policy preferences upon the Constitution that have no basis whatsoever in its text, the oath that judges take to support the Constitution requires them to reject such arbitrary actions and instead maintain their loyalty to the Constitution itself."

"We need leaders in the United States Senate who will hold our justices and our federal judges to a high standard and force them to abide by the original intent of the Constitution." Moore said. "It would only take the impeachment and removal of one judge for judicial activists to wake up and think more clearly before legislating from the bench and taking us down the road to insanity."

Moore, who has spent his career defending the Constitution and America's founding principles, is ready to take that fight to Washington.

"As your next United States Senator, I will stand for the values of the people of Alabama, fight judicial overreach, and work to bring our country back to her roots. I have taken a stand before, and the voters know that I will do it again."


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