Montgomery, AL- Today, the Moore Campaign issued the following statement:

We are pleased the Luther Strange Campaign has accepted our debate challenge. We have come to agreement on the terms to include the following:

A Lincoln-Douglas style format consisting of one 5 minute opening statement and one 5 minute closing statement from each candidate. In between, each candidate will have five 5 minute statements and rebuttals alternately.

Location is the RSA Activity Center on Dexter Avenue in downtown Montgomery.

A timekeeper will be supplied by Troy University.

One representative from each campaign will determine stage logistics and seating logistics.

Costs will be shared equally by both campaigns.

Event will be open to all press with appropriate credentials.

Both campaigns will be bound to honor an agreement to not use any footage from the debate in subsequent paid advertising.

Only one change has been suggested by the Moore Campaign to move the start time up to 5:30 PM to provide members of the media the maximum opportunity to broadcast live. We are confident the Strange Campaign will agree.

We are now moving forward with a discussion on staging and seating logistics.


Paid for by Roy Moore for US Senate