Birmingham, AL - The Judge Roy Moore campaign released the following statement regarding a debate with Luther Strange.

“Today, the Luther Strange Campaign rejected our offer of a debate by offering additional terms. After being caught with their hand in the cookie jar, trying to manipulate the last debate, they have lost their opportunity to set terms for any further public discussion.

Both campaigns had agreed to a debate hosted by the Alabama Policy Institute. That debate was cancelled because it was revealed that Caleb Crosby, the President of the Alabama Policy Institute, is also the Treasurer for the Senate Leadership Fund, a key Luther Strange ally that has run millions of dollars worth of false advertising to attack Judge Roy Moore. This debate felt too much like a pre-set political trick organized by the Strange Campaign, their allies at the Senate Leadership Fund, the proposed moderator, and the leadership of the Alabama Policy Institute.

Yesterday, we suggested a Lincoln-Douglas style debate organized by the two campaigns, with no tricks and no moderators, as an un-filtered discussion with the people of Alabama.

The Strange Campaign has now responded with additional demands and sarcasm and calls their seriousness into question. It is clear that Luther Strange would prefer to forgo any debates and hide behind his friends at the Senate Leadership Fund while they rain down slanderous ads in an attempt to steal this election.

Our open debate offer stands. We urge Luther Strange to man up and participate in a real conversation with the people of Alabama. While it may not win him the campaign, it would at least be in keeping with an integrity that he seems to have lost long ago.

We look forward to his reply.”


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