Montgomery, AL- Today, former Oklahoma senator Tom Coburn announced his endorsement of Judge Roy Moore for the US Senate.

"Men with a backbone of steel are hard to find these days, and even harder to find in the US Senate," Senator Coburn said in a statement. "I proudly endorse Judge Moore because we need him to be a conservative voice in the Senate. He is a man who can't be bought, who won't fall in line with the Washington establishment and who will stand up for what he believes in. Judge Moore has served his country in Vietnam, and now he is answering the call again to serve his country in Washington."

After receiving the endorsement, Judge Moore released the following statement: "I thank Senator Coburn for his endorsement. Senator Coburn was a true champion of conservative values in the senate. I am honored to have his support, and look forward to carrying on the tradition of principled statesmanship he exemplified."

Senator Coburn served in the US Senate from 2005 to 2010, and in the US House from 1995-2001. During his tenure he was known for being a fiscal conservative who almost single-handedly cut $1 billion in spending in one year. A doctor by trade, he has personally delivered over 4,000 babies. Senator Coburn lives in Muskogee, Oklahoma with his wife Carolyn.


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