Montgomery, AL- Today Judge Roy Moore announced that he is joining President Trump in supporting the RAISE Act, and will sign on as a cosponsor when he is elected to the US Senate.

"When President Trump was elected last November, the voters sent a very clear message that they want true immigration reform. This means not only securing our borders to stop illegal immigration, but also rethinking our approach to legal immigration. I am proud to join President Trump, along with Senators Cotton and Perdue, in supporting the RAISE Act. When I am sworn in as the next Senator from Alabama, I will be signing the RAISE Act as a cosponsor.

I support the RAISE Act because it creates a modern, smarter immigration system, while protecting Americans who are struggling to make ends meet and ensuring that nuclear families remain intact. Decades of failed immigration policies that allow low-skill and unskilled labor into our nation have depressed wages for American workers. These failed policies do not meet the needs of our economy, and this proposal will correct that by establishing a system that spurs economic growth, creates jobs and raises working wages.

The RAISE Act wisely recognizes that instead of handing out visas through fraud-ridden, random lotteries, the United States should reduce the amount of immigrants admitted annually and prioritize those with the skills and education to make a contribution to our economy. This proposal is an important step, leading our country away from its outdated and uncompetitive immigration system, towards a modernized, merit-based system to place a greater emphasis on skills-based migration. A focus on skills is long overdue and will greatly benefit American workers and our economy. "


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