Montgomery, AL - Judge Roy Moore held a press conference at the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery to announce the members of his national security coalition and to speak about his vision for protecting our nation and supporting our military as the next U.S. Senator from Alabama.

"I've had the honor of wearing our uniform and am the only candidate who has served in a combat zone," said Judge Roy Moore. "But it is double honor that these men and women who also served are standing here today to help us launch our national security coalition. If we don't commit ourselves to national security, no other issue will matter. The leaders of this coalition know this and will be helping us to organize our veteran support network in every county in Alabama."

Judge Moore welcomed the following veterans to his campaign as part of his national security coalition:

Casey Asher, Ret. Captain, USAF

DeWayne Bridges, USMC

Fidel Fonseca, USA, ret.

Win Johnson, Ret. Lt. Col., USAF

James Lester, Senior Master Sergeant, USAF

Eddie Mitchell, E5, USMC

Harvey Nabors, Petty Officer 2nd Class, USN

Russell Padgett, Ret. Army, served with Judge Moore in Vietnam

Dennis Pierson, Lt. Col., USAF

Keith Rudolf, Tech Sergeant 2nd, USAF

Mike Tate, Ret. Lt. Col., USAF

The purpose of the national security coalition is to advise Judge Moore on matters of national security and veterans affairs as well as advocating for Judge Moore within the veteran community.

Judge Moore also released a list of policy positions he will support in the United States Senate.

The Judge Roy Moore National Security Policy Principles:

As your next United States Senator, I will help find the funding for President Trump's military build-up.

I will work to end all non-strategic foreign aid and shift those funds to secure our border.

I will support more funding for the Veterans Administration. The level of service for our veterans is still unacceptable. We can cut the funding for bloated budgets in federal agencies like the EPA, the Department of Labor, and the Department of Education and shift more funding to the Veterans Administration.

I will support increasing troop levels in our United State Marine Corps and Army to make sure we have strike capability with overwhelming force anywhere in the world.

I will support funding for a four hundred ship Navy with the goal of reaching higher. History has shown that a great military is structured around a great navy. Experts suggest that a fully capable Navy is one served by six hundred ships, and anything less is unacceptable.

I will support funding to overhaul and upgrade our Air Force. It is clear that Air superiority led to our magnificent victories in both Gulf War conflicts. We must maintain a strategic advantage at all times. No pilot should ever be sent into combat without full training. Our F-35 and F-22 programs must not be compromised, and we should continue to upgrade and support known combat workhorses like the A-10.

Judge Moore continued: "As your next United States Senator, I will support President Trump's plan to make our military the strongest and most ready in the world. We should walk softly and carry a big stick. Our military should be feared by our enemies, respected by our allies, and loved by our people."

"We are very encouraged by the support we have received from veterans across the state" said Moore campaign chairman Bill Armistead. "Veterans know better than anyone what it takes to keep our nation safe. As a veteran and military father, Judge Moore will make the needs of our brave men and women in uniform a top priority, whether they are fighting on the battlefield or fighting for their lives in a VA hospital."


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