Judge Roy Moore Releases New Ad in AL Senate Race: "Defeat the Deceivers

Montgomery, AL - Judge Roy Moore today announced the release of a new ad in the race for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate entitled "Defeat the Deceivers."

The ad strikes back at the blatantly dishonest ads funded by Mitch McConnell's Senate Leadership Fund aimed at protecting his hand chosen incumbent at all costs.

The ad particularly decries the Senate Leadership PAC's decision to wantonly spread blatant lies across Alabama about Moore.

Follow this link for the ad: https://youtu.be/Avx4osbbFik

AD TRANSCRIPT: "Defeat The Deceivers"


They lied about repealing ObamaCare. Now Mitch McConnell's DC Slime Machine's spending millions spreading lies about Roy Moore. Bearing false witness.

Why? We know why. We all know why.

Roy Moore's honest and Moore's his own man. Moore fears God, stands for the Constitution, fights for what is right and believes what we believe.

Drain the Swamp. Send McConnell a Message. Send them ALL a message.

Roy Moore. Senate.

[Judge Moore]: My name's Roy Moore and I approve this message.


Paid for by Roy Moore for US Senate