Montgomery, AL - Chairman Bill Armistead responds to false attack ads launched by the Senate Leadership Fund.

"Mitch McConnell has failed to provide the leadership in the senate to implement President Trump's agenda including repealing Obamacare. Now his henchmen at the Senate Leadership Fund have failed to be truthful in their vicious attacks on Judge Roy Moore. Shame on them!

The citations in the ad are blatantly false and misleading. Judge Moore served honorably as an advocate for the Foundation for Moral Law as he helped lead them into legal battles against liberal hate groups like the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The ad is desperate and heavy with the stench of the Washington establishment.

For weeks now, the news has reported that Sen. McConnell would not tolerate another conservative Senator in their ranks. They have been frustrated that their hand-picked candidate Luther Strange is being rejected by Alabama conservatives and are demonizing anyone who dares to oppose him.

Luther Strange should repudiate the Senate Leadership Fund immediately for these slanderous attacks, but he won't because he has gotten into the swamp with these critters. Luther Strange was appointed to the Senate under a dark unethical cloud by our former governor who was forced out of office while he was supposedly being investigated by Attorney General Luther Strange. The sleazy politics that enabled Luther Strange to be appointed to the Senate are consistent with the rest of the corruption in Washington and indicate that Strange fits right in with the Senate insiders club.

We are in the process of sending cease and desist letters to each of the television and radio stations demanding that they take down the ads immediately for lack of supporting evidence, subject to further legal action if they continue to air."


Paid for by Roy Moore for US Senate