Montgomery, AL-The Luther Strange Campaign just sent out an email titled "Luther Strange Lays Out Alabama's Clear Choice." Nice title, but as usual they are long on claims and short on truth. They have a habit of manipulating the truth - a tactic embraced far too often by Luther Strange and his Washington buddies. Honestly, this just wreaks of a desperate attempt to hold on to his political appointment at all costs.

As the Strange Campaign has exhibited over the last 3 months, they have a complete disregard for truth and decency. During the Primary, they spent millions attempting to stain the character and reputation of good men, like Congressman Mo Brooks and Judge Moore, who have faithfully served our country with honor and distinction. And here they go again.

Never has there been a starker contrast of candidates in a race of this magnitude. A race that embodies the conflict our nation began to address last November. Conservative patriots are done with "do nothing Republicans" who promise everything and deliver nothing.

America sent Washington a message in November and they will send them another on September 26th. The people who elected President Trump are rallying behind Judge Moore. Alabama will decide this election, not Washington.

Since Luther Strange refuses to deal in truth, let's compare some of the basic differences between Roy Moore and Luther Strange. The voters do have a clear choice but it's not what Luther wants it to be.

#1 Roy Moore is a West Point graduate and a Vietnam Veteran who served his country in a combat zone - Luther Strange has never served in the military.

#2 When not in public service, Roy Moore has been a small-time rancher and the President of a legal foundation that battled liberal groups like the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center - Luther Strange was swimming in the swamp as a Washington lobbyist.

#3 Roy Moore is a crusader who sacrificed two political jobs because he would not compromise his principles - Luther Strange betrayed his principles and let his greed get to him. He wanted to be a Senator so badly he sacrificed his integrity by taking a Senate appointment from disgraced Governor Robert Bentley, a man he was supposed to be investigating for criminal acts.

#4 Roy Moore raised his campaign money from grass root conservatives - Luther Strange raised all of his campaign money from Washington insiders, Super PAC's and lobbyists.

#5 Roy Moore is endorsed by Dr. James Dobson, the founder of Focus on the Family; Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty; Chuck Norris of Walker, Texas Ranger; former Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, and former US Senate candidate Trip Pittman - Luther Strange is endorsed and bank-rolled by Mitch McConnell, the one insider who has single-handedly sunk the Trump agenda to repeal Obamacare and pass meaningful tax reform.

#6 Judge Moore is an outsider loyal only to his God and fellow Alabamians - Luther is bought and paid for by Washington insiders and elites.

#7 Roy Moore is a proven voice for the values and people of Alabama - Luther Strange is a proven yes-man for Mitch McConnell.

Yes, there is a clear choice for Alabama. It is Roy Moore.

It was expected that Luther Strange would resort to fabricating lies about Judge Moore. It is his only path to victory, and his Washington arrogance makes him think that Alabamians will believe whatever he tells them.

The people of Alabama trust Roy Moore because they know exactly where he stands and they've seen him in action. That is exactly why Roy Moore will be our next US Senator.


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