Washington, DC- In between two special interest fundraisers hosted by Mitch McConnell and the Washington establishment yesterday, Luther Strange voted with his Senate leadership buddies to raise the debt ceiling. Not only did Strange vote to raise the debt ceiling and add $15.25 billion to our national deficit, he also voted against an amendment offered up by Senator Rand Paul that would have halted $15.25 billion of foreign aid to pay for Hurricane Harvey relief.

Paul's "America First" amendment, supported by 10 conservative Republicans (including Senators Ted Cruz - TX, Jim Inhofe - OK, Mike Lee - UT, Rand Paul - KY, Tim Scott - SC and Pat Toomey - PA), was designed as a solution to the budget crisis. It would have provided a way for the federal government to fund Hurricane Harvey aid without raising the debt ceiling.

"The decision by Luther Strange to side with Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer in raising the debt ceiling is a clear indication the Luther has been bought and paid for by the DC establishment." said Moore campaign chairman Bill Armistead. "Furthermore, Luther's refusal to back Senator Paul's amendment to utilize unspent foreign aid to help the people of Texas, who have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey, makes him unqualified to serve as our senator."

Judge Roy Moore said, "As US Senator, I will always put America first. No tricks. No games. Just the truth and a commitment to the people of Alabama and to the United States of America. If I had been Alabama's senator yesterday, I would have voted for "America First" with these bold, conservative senators."

Moore added: "The games being played in Washington are exactly why we have not replaced Obamacare, balanced the budget, or rebuilt our military. These are promises the Republicans made, but have failed to keep."


Paid for by Roy Moore for US Senate