Moore Campaign: Will Doug Jones Support Tax Cuts or Will He be The Grinch?

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – As we move into the most wonderful time of the year, the Moore Campaign asked Doug Jones the first in a series of 12 Christmas questions.

Christmas Question #1: Will Doug Jones support tax cuts as a Christmas gift for Alabama’s families, or will he be the grinch?

According to a recent news article, the Jones campaign declined to answer questions about whether Jones would support raising taxes and how he would pay for the programs he champions.

Given the importance of tax relief, we’d like to put forth the question again: Doug Jones, what kind of tax relief will you support?

"As your next United States Senator," Judge Moore said on Thursday, "I will support any cut to the federal income tax on individuals and on corporations. The federal government has grown too large and we have given bureaucrats and politicians too much power over our economy and our small businesses."

"I support President Trump's effort to bring tax relief to America the people of America, and while I support any kind of tax cut, I will work to make the senate's cuts even larger. In fact, this initial effort to cut taxes should be the first step towards achieving either a 15% across the board flat tax for both individuals and corporations or a national consumption tax, also known as the Fair Tax, which would tax individuals and corporations on what they spend rather than on what they earn."

"The establishment Republican leadership is once again disappointing Americans by playing on the fringes of reform," Moore continued. "For America's economy to be great again, we must be aggressive, without regard for the whining of the left who constantly affirm the federal government as their god."