Asian American GOP Coalition Endorses Judge Roy Moore for US Senate

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – On Tuesday morning, the Moore Campaign announced the endorsement of the Asian American GOP Coalition (AAGC). The Coalition released the following statement:

"The Asian American GOP Coalition (AAGC) is pleased to endorse Judge Roy Moore’s candidacy for U.S. Senate. We firmly believe Judge Moore possesses an unparalleled professional track record and political experience to assume the vacant senate seat. His victory of this election is crucial to secure the President’s America-First agenda.

"Over the years, he has been committed to serving the people of Alabama and will continue to do so for all Americans. As a constitutional conservative, Judge Moore was a Vietnam War veteran, a former district attorney, as well as a former state Supreme Court judge and Chief Justice. We anticipate he will remain truthful to conservative values with the best interests of our nation at heart.

"Notwithstanding these accomplishments, his political opponents have launched unprecedented personal attacks using unsubstantiated allegations. Sadly, these attacks revealed the darkest side of American politics; not to mention none of the allegations and the ostensible evidence have been validated through a legal process. Presumptions of innocence should apply to all Americans, including Judge Moore. AAGC will continue to endorse Judge Moore until verified evidence convinces us otherwise.

"Herein we call for all Republicans to unite behind Judge Moore. Please leave the decision in the hands of voters of Alabama."

Judge Moore welcomed the support and endorsement of the AAGC. "The Coalition was instrumental in the election of President Donald Trump and I look forward to serving as another champion for the President's America First agenda in the United States Senate."

"We are honored to stand beside Judge Roy Moore as he battles for the senate seat," said AAGC President Cui Yan. "We will be employing the full force of our organization to secure Republican victory in Alabama on December 12."