President of Alabama Federation of Republican Women Endorses Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate

PRATTVILLE, Ala. – On Friday, Frances Taylor, President of the Alabama Federation of Republican Women, endorsed Judge Roy Moore for the U.S. Senate. Her endorsement came immediately after Judge Moore addressed the AFRW at their biennial convention in Prattville.

“On December 12th, the people of Alabama will cast their votes to elect the next United States Senator,” Taylor said, following her endorsement on Friday. “Only one candidate has the fortitude and conviction necessary to fill the void left in the senate by Alabama’s Jeff Sessions and I that is why I am proud to endorse Judge Roy Moore for the United States Senate.”

“Doug Jones is the epitome of all that voters rejected last November with the election of Donald Trump,” Taylor remarked, “and I look forward to watching the Make America Great Again movement continue with the election of Judge Roy Moore. The women of the Federation are determined to block radical leftists from hijacking our senate seat and we look forward to fighting for conservative values alongside of our next senator, Judge Roy Moore.”

Judge Moore welcomed Taylor’s endorsement on Friday. “I am honored to receive the endorsement of Frances Taylor and the support of this committed group of women. They have devoted countless volunteer hours towards advancing the conservative cause across Alabama and the nation, and I look forward to fighting for our shared principles in Washington, D.C."

The Federation describes itself as “a group of women over 1,500 strong who believe in the principles of smaller government, lower taxes and the exercise of our God-given rights to freedom and liberty.” Judge Moore received a standing ovation following his address to the AFRW on Friday afternoon, where he highlighted the need to stop liberal judges, preserve our Constitution, cut taxes and spending, and secure our borders.


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