PolitiFact Rates as "False" Doug Jones' Claim about Roy Moore's Position on Healthcare

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Liberal Democrat Doug Jones keeps on lying about Judge Roy Moore’s positions on the issues.

On Thursday afternoon, PolitiFact rated as “False” Doug Jones’ claim that Judge Moore wants to end Medicaid and Medicare. Indeed, PolitiFact, a well-respected fact-checking web site that evaluates the claims of political campaigns and elected officials, stated, “Jones put words in Moore’s mouth.”

On Friday, Moore Campaign Chairman Bill Armistead had this to say:

“Doug Jones and his pals at liberal publications like the Washington Post keep on shamelessly lying about Judge Moore. It is obvious that they are doing this to distract from Doug’s extremely liberal positions on the issues, positions that are in stark contrast to those held by most Alabamians. Doug knows his own liberal views – abortion on demand, funding for Planned Parenthood, support for transgenders in the military, and giving voting rights to felons – are too extreme for Alabama voters. It is clear that Doug Jones would rather distort and lie about Judge Moore’s conservative values than have a spotlight shown on his own left-wing extremism.

“Judge Moore’s comments were obviously in reference to his support for repealing Obamacare, a program that has caused Americans’ insurance premiums to go through the roof.

“This campaign is a test of a character, and Doug has failed to show the integrity the people of Alabama expect and deserve in a U.S. Senator. Doug Jones can’t be trusted to tell the truth.”


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